Casa pequeÑa

Concentrated casas for your mobile or simplified lifestyLe

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Need a General Contractor for any and all of your home needs?


Is your lifestyle different from what would be considered "normal"? Are you looking for a more mobile living situation? Do you live in a geographic region that calls for an "unplug and go" situation in case of natural disaster? Do you work at home or online and aren't restricted by a certain city or physical work location? Are you looking to invest in rental properties or create an affordable housing situation for artists, college students, or low income families? Looking to move off grid and need consultation on how to make it happen? Or do you just need an extra room in your backyard for your art, craft, office, or chill space? Whatever your desire, Casa Pequeña can help! We specialize in unique construction. We thrive on and love to create real spaces that only currently live in one's mind. We make dreams come true. Let's make yours come true. Email us today.